How to Determine Pricing

Pricing for a freelance attorney does not have to be complicated. It is my goal to ensure that we are on the same page cost wise so that you know how much you are spending. This gives you peace of mind to calculate your expenses, and it helps give your client peace of mind by being able to quote them a fair price. 


There are two ways to go when it comes to pricing. If you need an extra set of hands to help in numerous matters (not just one project) I would suggest going with the hourly rate so I can be ready to help whenever you need me. This is a great option to have if you are experiencing a surge in work but are not ready to hire a new associate. 


If you simply need help with one project, then I suggest checking out the flat fee services. If you do not see something you are looking for, then simply contact me and we can work out a flat fee for your project based on projections of time required. 


Standard Rate: $100 an hour

Rush Rate (due in 5 days or less): $150 an hour

Flat Rate Services

Corporation/LLC Formation

I can assist with the paperwork to help get your client's business entity incorporated. Whether that be a formal Corporation or an LLC, I can help. I have helped compile and file over a dozen corporations and have the knowledge and ability to help get this done. 

Corporations & LLC's: $750

(Does not include expenses associated with filing documents)

Contract/Document Review

As a busy attorney, the last thing you want to do is tedious doc review. Let me look over the documents and find what you are looking for. Simply identify the parameters of what you want me to look for and pull out and I will go through the documents on your behalf and return a full report for you to review. 

Up to 20 Pages of Doc Review: $400

(additional pages above 20 will be charged at $10 a page)

Legal Research

When you need an answer to a question and you want to go through an intensive thorough search, I can help. I have trained in advanced legal research methodology. I am Lexis Nexis Professional Research Certified and have been doing legal research for attorneys for years. Instead of just "Googling" the answer, why not have someone go through actual legal authorities and find you the answer? After completion of the research, I will write a professional legal memo documenting my findings citing to the legal authorities. 


Legal Research and Memo for 1 Issue: $250

(additional $100 for additional issues)

Legal Writing

As both a former member of Law Review and Moot Court Honor Society, I have the capability to provide well written, articulate legal writing for your any of your firm's purposes. Legal writing requires not only proper grammar, but proper style and voice. These are techniques and skills I have honed throughout my years in school as well as professionally. 

Whatever you require a professional legal writer for, I can assist you. Contact me for a free consultation to discuss your project. 

Legal Writing (Letters, Articles, Blog Posts): $50 per 500 words

Civil Litigation

There is a lot that goes into working a civil case. A complaint may ultimately just be the beginning of a long road of motions, hearings, and discovery. If you are a solo or small firm, you can't afford to spend countless hours on these matters, because you will both wear yourself down at the expense of other clients and run up the tab for your client. Clients do not want to see an enormous amount of billable hours. Farming it out to a law clerk or paralegal is an option, but you are not getting attorney quality work. 


So let me help you with your civil case workload. I have written countless motions ranging from motions to compel, motions for interpleader, summary judgement/summary adjudication, and many more. I have also responded to discovery requests and wrote meet and confer letters. 


Let me offer a helping hand to help you and your client win. 


Complaint: $500

(Up to 5 COA's, any additional COA's will be charged $25 additional)

Appearance at Hearing: $80

Demand Letter: $100

Discovery: $75/hr

Motion for Summary Judgement/Adjudication: $750


*Other motions available upon request and will be provided with a free quote after consultation


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