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Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Freelance Attorney

Updated: Jul 23, 2018

You may have never considered how much a freelance attorney can help. Below are the top three reasons freelance attorneys are a good choice to help.

Whether you are flying solo or a small firm baller, sometimes you get overloaded with work. Outside of this being a good thing because being busy is good, it can pose potential problems in how to get the work done. You don't want to necessarily commit to bringing on a new associate because you believe the influx of work is only temporary, but you also can't pass it along to support staff who aren't trained on how to produce attorney quality work.

Enter the freelance attorney.

When faced with this situation, it is important to weigh the costs and benefits. Below are the top three reasons why hiring a freelance attorney is a smart move for your business.


1. Saves You On Payroll Taxes

Alright, let's just jump right into it. The biggest worry of any employer, taxes. Hiring a freelance attorney saves you on payroll taxes. Freelance attorneys work as independent contractors who are responsible for their own self-employment taxes. This gives you the piece of mind that you simply have to pay them their agreed wage and they take care of the rest.

Who knew you were also getting someone to help with taxes in addition to the legal work?

2. They Have Their Own Malpractice Insurance

Any freelance attorney who takes their role seriously has their own malpractice insurance. This is important because it gives you the piece of mind that if something goes wrong that you are protected.

Also, if you are a solo, your insurance policy may not allow for any additional attorneys, so it is important to know up front whether the freelance attorney you are working with has their own malpractice insurance to protect you.

3. You Get the Experience of a Licensed Attorney

This is probably the most important reason why you need to hire a freelance attorney.

Law clerks are great (believe me we have all been there), but the truth is, they haven't passed the Bar nor do they possess the real world exprience of actually practicing law.

Paralegals are also helpful, but they didn't go through law school and lack that specialized training of thinking like a lawyer.

Which leaves you with only one option when you need to get something done, and you need it to be good. A freelance attorney.

With their knowledge and training, they can jump in and help pick up the slack for any number of projects. Ask them about their experience in certain areas if the project is complicated. Otherwise, if the matter is simple, it can be as easy as handing off a summary and letting them run with it.

And since they know they are there to help you out, they are more open to listening to your specific instructions and how you want it done.


Whether you need something completed as simple as a Complaint, or as complex as a Motion for Summary Judgement or Shareholder's Agreement, freelance attorneys can make a huge difference in how you practice law. They are like that emergency switch behind glass you can reach for whenever your schedule heats up with work a bit too much.

One last bonus tip. Find a good freelance attorney you like and trust, and you can build a solid relationship. This makes it easier in subsequent projects because they are already familiar with your practice and how you like things done. This gives you the flexibility to not have to bring on a full time associate if you can't handle one, and the piece of mind that you will get work done when it piles up.

If you are ready to get started with a freelance attorney, give me a call at 619-552-5312 to discuss your project.

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