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Going to the Bullpen

With the beginning of spring, that can only mean one thing.

Baseball is starting.

Yes, I am a big fan of baseball and look forward to it every year. But instead of lamenting how amazing it is to hang out with a hot dog and a beer, today's post is about something else.

Any fan of baseball knows what the bullpen is. It's the pen in the outfield that holds all the pitchers to bring in for relief. While they may look like just a collection of pitchers, they all have specific jobs. Some are for general relief when the starter tires, some of them are specialists for certain batters, and some are specialists in closing out the game.

So how is this similar to freelance attorneys? Well let's take a look at how many different roles a freelance attorney can fill when your team needs some relief.

Middle Inning Relief

Starters get tired. They begin to wear down and when they wear down they begin to throw bad pitches and hitters take advantage. When they get tired they make mistakes and it can cost you the game.

This can happen in your firm as well. You have a stellar team, and sometimes an attorney (or you) are working hard to keep up with the pace of your work. However, attorneys are notorious for working long, tiring hours. They push themselves to unhealthy limits. This can only result in one thing, mistakes and missteps when handling your client's case. You begin to look over details in pleadings or settlement agreements, costing your client the game (or case).

A freelance attorney can act as your middle inning relief when you begin to tire. They can pick up general tasks to help you get your work done. This can be anything from drafting, to reviewing, or researching. Plus a fresh body out of the bullpen brings a new perspective to your caseload. Maybe there is something you didn't see that a freelance picks up on. Maybe there's a strategy you overlooked. Just like how a relief pitcher throws different than a starter, the relief pitcher can help you win the games in ways you couldn't or didn't think of.

Which brings us to our next type of pitcher.

Lefty/Righty Specialists

There are pitchers who make a career out of doing one specific thing and facing one type of batter.

Not a bad gig to get paid millions to face just one batter a game.

They are the specialists who are brought in to do one thing. Face this batter and get them out. They don't last a long time, but they are brought in when the team gets in a tight spot and needs their specialty.

Freelance attorneys usually dabble in all the general legal work, but some specialize in certain areas that can be of use. Whether it be an area of practice, or a particular skill like researching or writing, sometimes you need to bring in someone who knows more than you do and can help you with one particular aspect of your case. You don't want to lose your case or client because your weakness failed them.

Get past those tight spots and bring in a specialist to help you through.


Ah, the vaunted closer. Nerves of steel and a propensity to come through when everything is on the line. They have one job, slam the door on the other team and bring home a W.

If you have a small firm or run solo, you can't do everything yourself. You might need extra hands to help you. If the opposing side thinks they can beat you simply because you don't have the resources, hire a freelancer to help bring home the W. Similar to specialists, a freelance attorney with a specialization can close out the case for you and give you the win when you are so close to the finish line.


We are all human, and we tire and lose our edge and focus. Don't lose the entire game because of it. Make the smart decision and go to the 'pen (that's slang for the bullpen) for extra help when you need it.

Don't let your team down by running on fumes and making mistakes. Bring home the win by making the right decision to bring in relief from the bullpen.

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