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Finally Relax On Your Vacation

They say attorneys have a hard time going on vacation because they never truly "check out" of the office. Here are some tips on how a freelancer can help.

Attorneys work hard. Harder than most professions. They are constantly on call for legal issues, and have to put out fires almost on a weekly basis. This can cause burnout, and what happens when you start to get burnout? You go on vacation to recuperate.

However, that is not always the case with attorneys because if you run your own firm or work solo, it can be hard to disconnect. Even when you are away on vacation there are still times clients need to talk to you. So do attorneys really "check out" when they go on vacation? Most likely not. They may have their toes in the water and butt in the sand, but their mind is running with issues that need to be resolved back in the office.

With August just beginning, many are still planning summer vacations to get away from it all. If you are an attorney who has a vacation coming up, but you are stressing more just thinking about going on the vacation, then you need a helping hand.

Below are some ways a freelancer can come to your rescue so you can take off to your vacation without a care in the world.

1. Help You Get Work Done Before You Go

When you are a solo, you are the star of your own show, for better or for worse. You are responsible for everything from taking care of clients to actually running a business. There is a lot on your plate. So if you go away on a vacation, then your solo practice essentially comes to a screeching halt. Sure you can take work with you, but is that what you want to do on your vacation? I think not.

Enter the freelancer. If you have a list of tasks that need to be done, then a freelancer can be an enormous help to get them complete. Even if it is as simple as filling out forms, drafting a quick motion, or completing some research to answer a client's question, a freelancer can jump in and provide the help you need to get things done before you leave.

Enjoy the relaxing feeling that you have completed everything as you head off to your vacation.

2. Someone to Handle Stuff While You Are Away

Have you ever planned a trip way in advance, only to find out a week before that something has come up while you will be away? As John Lennon once said, "Life is what happens when we're busy making plans." Especially in the legal world where you are juggling numerous cases and matters. It always seems at the worse time possible you are being called into court to reply to a motion.

A good freelancer can be your solution. If you have done the work and filed well written papers, you can hire a capable freelancer to go into court and argue them on your behalf. I have already written about why going with a freelancer over a special appearance service is a better option, and it holds true here too. You can work with the freelancer before you leave to make sure they understand what you need done.

Freelancers can also jump on issues that arise while you are away by keeping them on a retainer for the time you are gone. If you have a good relationship with your freelancer, then you can trust that anything that comes up can be taken care of your freelancer with a simple email.

Prevent your solo or small practice from coming to a screeching halt by ensuring that you have someone there to keep it going.

3. Someone Dedicated To Your Business

I know the usual model of attorneys going away is to have some other attorney be "on call" while you are away. The usual email auto responder goes something like this:

"Hello. I am currently on vacation in some beautiful tropical location and can't answer your questions. While I am away please direct all questions to my fellow attorney John Smith."

That may be fine in your book, but what if your practice focuses solely on criminal appeals and Mr. Smith is an estate planning attorney? I'm sure if something came up, he could try to crack open a practice guide and figure it out, but is that what you want for your clients? What if John Smith runs his own firm and is extremely busy? Maybe he doesn't respond right away and it has an adverse effect on your client. These are real possibilities.

As stated above, you can enter an agreement with a freelancer to essentially "house sit" your firm while you are away. If you enter into a retainer agreement with a freelancer, you are ensuring that someone has actually set aside time to look after your affairs while you are gone. Since their job is to help you, you can be confident that by working with them they are going to be 100% committed to looking after your firm while you are away.


Is a vacation really a vacation if you are constantly worrying about your affairs back home? You don't work hard all year to only feel like you are working while you are away on vacation.

Work with a great freelancer and find out the liberating feeling of having someone in your corner who is devoted to ensuring everything is taken care of while you are away.

Now, go ahead and order that Pina Colada, and enjoy the relaxing vacation you deserve.

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