Freelancers In Today's Economy

I graduated from the University of Pacific in 2008 with a Bachelors in Political Science. However, 2008 was probably the worst year for college graduates to head into the workforce. An enormous economic collapse had occurred in America, not only leaving millions of college students without jobs but also everyday Americans. 


Since then, many have argued that the American economy has gone through enormous change. Things aren't like they are before the 2008 recession. Markets have changed, big players were knocked off their pedestal, and companies scrutinize their expenditures even more than ever. 


What does this have to do with freelance attorneys? Well, everything. Big law isn't able to bill out exorbitant rates anymore. Clients are looking for firms who are lean and mean, while also providing a winning product. Solos and small firms have better flexibility to conquer complex cases with the use of technology. While technology is useful, it won't replace a living, breathing attorney (at least not yet). 


This is where freelance attorneys come in. 


Have a complex matter that requires research that you do not have time for? Need someone to appear at a hearing on your behalf? Have a motion due, while at the same time you are preparing for trial?  These are all things that can be done with the help of a freelance attorney. 


The pros of a freelance attorney are numerous. 

  • No commitment to hiring an associate whom you are then committed to keeping

  • Prevents you from overspending on extra personnel if you are not ready to hire quite yet

  • Saves on payroll taxes because you are hiring an independent contractor

  • Get the job done exactly how you want it

  • Tap into skills of experienced attorneys for a fraction of the cost

  • Can return again and again to utilize your freelancer whenever work begins to pile up

  • Save yourself the headache of having to do payroll because you hired somebody


Time to take your practice to the next level with the help of a freelance attorney.


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